Cutting through the accent

Sometimes accents in supplied text are a mess: they aren’t there when they should be or are when they shouldn’t. This can cause the multilingual typesetter problems when making global changes to existing setting.

If you ever find yourself doing multiple InDesign Find/Changes to pick up variants in the use of accents, then this tip is for you. Make use of yet another helpful GREP feature and you can search for all variants of a letter at once. Simply enclose the letter in an equal sign and double square brackets.

For instance:

[[=a=]] finds any kind of a including A, á, à, å
[[=c=]] finds any kind of c including C, ç (but not ¢ of course)
[[=l=]] finds any kind of c including L, l ł ľ ļ (but not, for some reason. the ŀ as used in Catalan)

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