Arabic Typesetting as Art

In one of those fortune happenstances that make London great, I stumbled on this window display of Arabic packaging.

Arabic Typesetting as Art in London

There’s a great range of Arabic typesetting on display here. You could spend some time just considering the use of various types of Arabic font, not only between the packets but sometimes in combination on the same one.

The combination makes for an absorbing spectacle. I rather suspect that the art work is meant to be absorbed holistically, but I can’t help but cast my typesetter’s eye over the packaging. Much though I like the brashness of the washing powder, I think my favourite is the peach drink in the middle of the top row. What’s your favourite?

Anyone who lives in London, or is passing through, can go and see this – and a lot more art beside – at a pop up gallery in Soho. The Apart London Summer Show 2011 is at 55-57 Great Marlborough St, London W1F 7JX until 20 August. Well worth a visit I think.

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