Unicode just keeps getting bigger

Unicode, the standard for consistent encoding of the world’s writing systems, is a bedrock of modern multilingual typesetting and web design. February saw a major update to this standard to Unicode 6.0. The update adds a further 2,088 characters taking … Continue reading

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Designing for multilingual print: starting points for foreign language versions

When a document is to be produced in several foreign languages,* it is all too common for the English to be produced first and this document translated. If you are starting a multilingual design project, what are the simple considerations … Continue reading

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Getting started with German typesetting

German is an important global language, with approximately 120 million native speakers and perhaps 80 million more who speak it as a second language. It is the main language of Germany and Austria, with a significant part of the Swiss … Continue reading

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Arabic typesetting: get it right (to left)!

Arabic is one of the world’s great languages. The Arabic language has a long cultural history, with Classical Arabic stretching back to least the 4th Century. Arabic typesetting and calligraphy also has a long history, as described in this excellent … Continue reading

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